Where to Buy Uber Gift Cards in Nigeria

Where to Buy Uber Gift Cards in Nigeria
Where to Buy Uber Gift Cards in Nigeria

Uber gift cards are an excellent answer for Nigerians who are struggling to manage the congested streets.

These digital vouchers are used to catch a trip and ensure that it is safe and simple; there is no need for cash or hailing taxis. Uber gift cards are ideal for busy professionals, frequent travelers, and anybody who values a stress-free commute.

Even though Uber does not offer gift cards directly in Nigeria, customers continue to inquire about where to buy Uber gift cards in Nigeria, but don’t worry! TransferXO is a respected third-party site that specializes in simplifying the purchase of gift cards for global brands such as Uber.

We’ll show you how to buy Uber gift cards in Nigeria step by step, so just follow our instructions and you’ll be riding around town in no time. Let us get this trip started!

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Buy, Sell, & Redeem Gift Cards on TransferXO
Buy, Sell, & Redeem Gift Cards on TransferXO

What is the Uber Gift Card?

Uber is a firm that provides economical and convenient taxi services via its mobile app. You can always hire a private Uber driver to pick you up from your current position and drop you off at your desired destination.

Uber Gift Cards are digital wallet credits that may be used to pay for Uber rides. You can purchase them online or from a variety of merchants. They are an easy way to offer someone the gift of transportation without knowing where they are going or how much the ride will cost.

You may buy and send an Uber gift card to your loved ones in minutes. These gift cards are usable on Uber and Uber Eats. You can call it the ideal technique to persuade your friends or family to visit a new area or taste a new food of your choosing. 

The Uber gift card can be a great gift that opens up a world of possibilities. You may also use this Uber gift card to give your friends and family the convenience of simply touching a button and taking a ride anywhere, at any time.

The Uber voucher’s primary goal is to raise awareness of Uber’s existence. Yes, with the advent of Uber gift cards, they are attempting to promote their brand everywhere.

It offers numerous benefits that entice customers, and they are willing to pay a premium for these Uber promo codes. In this manner, you can also give Uber discounts for the first journey to your friends and family.

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Where Can I Buy Uber Gift Cards in Nigeria?

You can not get Uber gift cards directly in Nigeria, but you can get one at the TransferXO gift card marketplace. To purchase an Uber gift card with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at the TransferXO gift card marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. Open TransferXO Website: Launch the browser and type in the URL for the TransferXO website.
  1. Sign Up: If you do not have an account yet, create one by signing up by Visiting the TransferXO website or downloading the TransferXO app. An email address and a password may be required.
  1. Verify Your Account: Before proceeding, some platforms might ask you to verify your identity. Do so if prompted.
  1. Navigate to the Gift Cards Section: After logging in, go to the section of “Gift Cards” only. 
  1. Select Uber Gift Card: Choose the option of an Uber gift card from the list of available gift cards.
  1. Choose Payment Method: There will be a payment option for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Choose this payment method.
  1. Enter Amount and Currency: Indicate the amount of Uber gift card you wish to buy as well as currency (Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency) that will be used for transaction purposes.
  1. Review Order: Review your order to make sure all statistics are correct such as amount and payment method of fee.
  1. Go to Checkout: Once satisfied, visit the checkout or payment page.
  1. Complete the Payment: Follow the instructions to finish up the payment using your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency wallet. This includes scanning the QR code or copying the wallet address TransferXO provides to send the desired quantity of cryptocurrency.
  1. Receive Confirmation: If the fee is efficiently processed, you should receive your purchase confirmation.
  1. Redeem Uber Gift Card: TransferXO will provide a digital code or voucher for an Uber gift card. Redeem this code on the Uber app or internet site to add the last present playing cards to your Uber account.
  1. Enjoy Your Ride: Once gift card balances are introduced in your Uber account, you can use them to pay for rides or UberEats orders.

Remember to review all information before buying to make certain an easy transaction. Additionally, be aware of any fees or exchange rates related to the use of cryptocurrencies for transactions.

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How to Sell Uber Gift Card With TransferXO

Visit TransferXO to get low-cost Uber gift cards or sell them for cash. It’s an online marketplace where you can buy and sell gift cards, vouchers, and discounts. You’ll find buyers and sellers of gift cards from all over the world. 

TransferXO enables you to sell all of the most popular gift cards. In some locations, gift cards are affordable. Follow the instructions below to sell your Uber gift card on TransferXO.

To sell your Uber gift card via TransferXO, follow these general steps:

  1. If you haven’t already, create a seller account on the TransferXO website or app.
  1. Follow any identification verification requirements required by TransferXO.
  1. Once logged in, go to “Account Preferences” and choose the “Gift Card” category. Look for the option to sell Uber gift cards.
  1. Enter the information for your Uber gift card, including the value, card number, PIN (if applicable), and quantity you want to sell.
  1. Select “Currency”: USD $, EUR €, and then “Buy Rate.”
  1. Enter the product’s “Name” and “Description”.
  1. Include a photograph of the gift card.
  1. Follow the steps to complete the transaction, which may include entering payment information to get the funds.
  1. Click “Next” and select the “Wallet” to which you want to receive payments.
  1. Submit your gift card and wait for it to be validated.
  1. After validation, the Uber gift card will be available for purchase.

Before proceeding, please consider TransferXO’s terms and conditions, as well as any costs related to the transaction. If you’re still unsure how to sell an Uber gift card, refer to the typical selling procedure in this Academy section. There is a video showing how to complete the seller verification procedure and add a product for sale.

How to Redeem Your Uber Gift Card

If you want to know how to redeem your Uber gift card, follow the simple steps outlined below.

Gift cards can be used to load Uber Cash or Uber credits (depending on your area) into your Uber account. To redeem a gift card

In the Uber app.

  • Ensure that you have the most recent Uber app update.
  • Tap the menu icon and then pick Wallet.
  • Choose Add Payment Method or Redeem Gift Card.
  • Then tap on the Gift Card.
  • Enter your PIN or gift code (without spaces).
  • Tap “Add.”

In the UberEats app

  • Ensure that you have the most recent UberEats app update.
  • Tap the Account button, then pick Wallet.
  • Select “Add Payment Method.”
  • Select a Gift Card.
  • Enter your PIN/gift code (without spaces).
  • Tap Add.

Note: Once a gift card has been loaded into an Uber account, it cannot be transferred. After purchasing a gift card, you cannot reload it, but you can add more gift cards to your Uber account. Each Uber account can have up to $2,000 in total gift card value. 

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How to Use Uber Gift Card

When you redeem your Uber gift card, it is transferred to your Uber Cash or Uber credits balance, which you can then use at Uber or Uber Eats checkout.

When you check out on Uber or Uber Eats, your Uber Cash or Uber Credit balance is most likely already selected as your primary method of payment. If not, touch on your preferred payment option (for example, a credit card) to swap between them before checking out. Turn on the toggle to make sure that your Uber Cash or Uber credits are always used first.

If your Uber Cash or Uber credits are not depleted, the remaining balance can be used for your next ride or purchase.

Buy an Uber Gift Card with Crypto on TransferXO 

At TransferXO, you have the option to buy Uber gift cards using cryptocurrency or conventional payment methods. Cryptocurrency aficionados can choose from Bitcoin and Ethereum, whereas Maya or GrabPay are available for others.

TransferXO is constantly expanding its range of payment options; hence it may soon include credit card payments as well as PayPal in the future.

It’s a breeze to find the ideal gift card. Simply choose an e-gift card in your preferred currency and value, then complete the checkout process. What’s more, TransferXO provides discounts on bulk purchases as an added perk – perfect for corporate gifting or group buying needs!

Don’t have any use for an unwanted Uber gift card? No need to fret! You can sell it on TransferXO. All you need is a quick sign-up and access the “My Products” section, where there’s a specific area designated exclusively for listing your Uber gift card and transforming it into cash.

In case you have inquiries regarding digital products or processes in general, perusing the FAQ section could come in handy. In a scenario where this doesn’t suffice, rest assured that the TransferXO customer service team is ever willing to be of assistance.

Are you feeling fortunate? Begin following TransferXO on social media as they offer gift cards, including Uber vouchers through their promotions and contests.

How to Check Your Uber Gift Card Balance

You can easily check the balance of an Uber gift card. Here are the instructions for checking your Uber gift card balance:

Check the Uber Gift Card Balance Online

  1. Log In to Your Uber Account: Go to Uber.com and sign in to your account. You’ll need to enter the email address and password you created when you originally signed up for an Uber account.
  1. Click on Profile: Selecting Profile will bring up a menu with options such as Profile, Payments, and Promotions.
  1. Choose Payment Methods: Proceed to the payment methods page. You can do so by selecting Payment Methods from the drop-down menu at the top of the Uber app. Then select “Gift Cards.” Choose your gift card from the list of available options and provide any necessary information.
  1. Enter the Gift Card Number, Security Code, and PIN: Scroll down until you see a row for each gift card (if you have more than one). Each row displays a list of gift cards. Look for the gift card that you want to check the balance on.
  1. Select the Check Balance button: Your balance will appear on the left side of the screen. To view your balance, click the Check Balance button.
  1. Check Your Uber Balance: To examine the balance on your Uber gift card, click the Check Balance option. It will take you to a page that includes information about your account and the remaining balance. You can check multiple cards by selecting them from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the screen. After you’ve reviewed your balance, click Close to return to the home page.

Check Balance in the Uber App

You may also check your Uber gift card balance within the Uber app. Here’s how.

  • Open the Uber application.
  • Tap the menu sign in the upper left corner.
  • Tap “Wallet.”
  • Choose the “Gift Cards” tab.
  • You will see the balance of any Uber gift cards that have been added to your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check my Uber gift card balance via phone?

Unfortunately, there is no automated phone option to check your Uber gift card balance. The only option to check your balance over the phone is to call Uber support and chat with a person. The Uber support phone number is 1-800-593-7069.

Can I use Uber gift cards with Uber Eats?

Yes, you can. 
From Uber’s standpoint, everything is the same. The gift card must be added separately in the UberEats app. To do this, simply repeat the steps above but using the UberEats app.

Is there an expiry date for the Uber gift card?

No, they have a lifetime validity. This implies the Ube Gift Cards will never expire.

Is it possible to use an Uber gift card worldwide? Are there any usage limitations?

The Uber gift card is valid only in countries where Uber is accessible. Furthermore, these Uber gift card coupons are only valid in the nation from whence they were obtained. For example, an Uber gift card purchased in the United States cannot be used in India or any other nation.

What happens if I send too much cryptocurrency as payment?

In the event of an underpayment, the system will detect it and allow you to send a second payment to cover the difference and finish your order. In the event of an overpayment, we will reimburse the excess money, less any conversion and transaction fees. (This averages out to roughly 5%.)

What does the Uber gift card code include?

The Uber coupons include a secret gift card code that must be scratched lightly with a penny. This secret gift code must be typed into the most recent version of the Uber app without leaving any gap.

Can I increase the value of an existing Uber gift card?

Unfortunately, you cannot add to the balance of your existing Uber gift card online. A gift card is no longer valid once used.

Final Thoughts

For Nigerians seeking a trouble-free approach to buying Uber gift cards, TransferXO’s gift card marketplace is the ultimate solution. Its simple-to-use interface allows you to promptly locate and acquire Uber vouchers for your ride requirements in Nigeria. 

It resembles an online bazaar where finding what you need is trivially easy. Furthermore, with secure transactions guaranteed by TransferXO, purchasing becomes stress-free while offering peace of mind during checkout procedures. 

Whether procuring these cards for personal transport or as a kind gesture toward someone else; selecting TransferXO when ordering an Uber voucher serves as their dependable and efficient choice in Nigeria!

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