17 Profitable Business to Start with 500k in Nigeria | 2024 Business Tips

Starting a business is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and planning. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur in Nigeria with a budget of 500k, you’re in the right place. This article will explore profitable business to start with 500k in Nigeria.

These ideas span various industries and cater to different interests, ensuring there’s something for everyone. You’ll find inspiration here if you’re passionate about technology, creativity, or service.

This detailed review delves into the world of profitable businesses that can be started with 500k Naira in Nigeria in 2024.

From innovative ventures to tried-and-true models, this guide provides valuable insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Table of Contents

15 Profitable Businesses to Start with 500k in Nigeria – Step-by-Step Guide

Starting a successful business with limited capital requires careful consideration and a strategic approach.

Here’s an overview of some of the most promising business ventures to explore:

#1. POS Agent – Best Business to Start with 500k in Nigeria

In a world where convenience reigns supreme, the emergence of the POS (Point of Sale) agent business in Nigeria has proven to be a game-changer.

With the digital age ushering in a new era of financial transactions, the traditional hassles of visiting banking halls and ATMs have paved the way for enterprising individuals to enter the realm of POS agencies.

Are you ready to tap into this lucrative avenue and support financial inclusivity? Discover how to embark on this journey and revolutionize your entrepreneurial path.

The Nigerian business landscape has witnessed a surge in the popularity of POS agent businesses. This trend offers an exceptional opportunity for individuals, whether they already own a shop or not.

The beauty of this venture lies in its accessibility – you don’t require exorbitant capital or extensive technical expertise to get started.

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your POS Agent Business

Starting a POS agent business with just 500k in Nigeria is remarkably feasible. The key lies in understanding the essentials and following a structured approach. Here’s your blueprint:

1. Choosing the Right Location: Selecting a prime location for your shop is the cornerstone of your success. Ensure it’s a bustling area with good foot traffic, maximizing the visibility and accessibility of your services.

2. Partnering with a Mobile Money Agent Company: Collaborate with reputable mobile money agent companies to legitimize your venture. This partnership opens the doors to offering essential financial services to your local community.

3. Acquiring a POS Device: Invest in a POS device to facilitate seamless transactions. This tool will be the lifeline of your business, enabling you to process payments and withdrawals efficiently.

4. Having Cash on Hand: Maintaining a cash reserve for customer withdrawals is crucial. Be prepared to provide quick and reliable cash services to your clients.

Exploring Prominent POS Agent Businesses in Nigeria

Numerous options abound when selecting the right partner for your POS agent business.

Some of the leading names in the industry include GTB POS, Moniepoint POS, Opay POS, Baxi POS, Kudi POS, and Palmpay POS. You position your business for growth and success by aligning yourself with a reputable player.

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#2. Real Estate – Building Wealth through Property Ownership

The Nigerian real estate market presents a gradually developing yet currently booming opportunity for entrepreneurs. For an investment of 500,000 Naira, you can enter the realm of property ownership and generate substantial profits by renting out apartments.

The concept behind this business model is elegantly simple: identify properties or apartments available for sale or rent, secure one for yourself, and subsequently lease it out or resell it for a profitable margin.

In high-demand regions such as Lekki in Lagos, you could acquire an apartment for 500,000 Naira and lease it for 600,000 to 750,000 Naira, resulting in a handsome profit margin of up to 250,000 Naira per property. Multiply these transactions over a month, and you can amass a substantial fortune.

#3. Open a Boutique – Fashioning Success

Establishing a boutique offers a rewarding avenue for business with a 500,000 Naira capital outlay. Particularly in thriving areas like school zones, you can curate and sell contemporary clothing items such as T-shirts, jeans, and footwear.

Boutique merchandise enjoys brisk turnover and impressive profit margins. A shirt purchased for 1,500 Naira can be resold at 4,000 Naira, resulting in a profitable margin of 2,500 Naira.

The beauty salon business emerges as a beacon of opulence and self-expression in a beauty-conscious society.

With an estimated market valuation of $34.5 billion in 2021, the beauty industry in Nigeria beckons aspiring entrepreneurs with a penchant for style and allure.

The Path to Glamour

Transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality by establishing a beauty salon. The essential components include a strategic location, skilled beauticians, and impeccable customer service.

These elements and your invested capital pave the way for lucrative returns in beauty.

#4. Mini Bakery: Satisfying the Hunger for Bread and Cakes

Nigeria’s love for bread presents an opportunity to establish a mini bakery business. With a budget of 500,000 Naira, you can set up a bakery that produces and sells loaves of bread at wholesale prices. Additionally, offering cakes for special occasions can further boost your revenue.

Key Points:

  • Product Quality: Emphasize producing high-quality, freshly baked goods to attract loyal customers.
  • Event-Focused: Capitalize on the demand for cakes at weddings and birthdays to maximize sales.
  • Optimal Location: Choose a strategic location with good foot traffic for your bakery.
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#5. Printing Business: Transforming Ideas into Tangible Products

Starting a printing business is a lucrative venture that requires a capital of 500,000 Naira or even less.

You can offer a wide range of products from banners and flyers to custom merchandise like T-shirts and book covers.

Key Points:

  • Invest in Equipment: Acquire various printing machines to cater to different customer needs.
  • Target Schools and Businesses: Collaborate with schools for customized sportswear and approach businesses for promotional materials.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure the final printed products meet high-quality standards to build a positive reputation.

#6. Mini Supermarket – Bringing Convenience to the Community

Unveil the potential of a mini supermarket with a budget of 500,000 Naira. Stock your store with an assortment of items reminiscent of larger supermarkets, including beverages, creams, fragrances, bread, and more.

Initiating this venture is straightforward: secure a spacious store space with an appealing design, stock it with various products, and inaugurate your sales operations.

Procuring inventory for your store involves liaising with suppliers and wholesalers to secure items at favorable prices.

#7. Car Dealership – Navigating the Roads of Profit

Venturing into the realm of car dealerships or trading beckons as another viable avenue with a budget of 500,000 Naira. This business endeavor boasts significant profitability, with the potential to garner up to 300,000 Naira in profit per sale.

While a new or “Tokunbo” (foreign-used) car may be beyond your financial reach, acquiring a fairly used car remains feasible. The Nigerian market hosts numerous fairly used cars at reasonable prices, directly obtainable from their previous owners. By acquiring such vehicles, performing necessary repairs, and subsequently reselling them, you stand to reap substantial gains.

Consider a scenario where you procure a fairly used car for 400,000 Naira, expend 100,000 Naira on repairs, and ultimately resell the vehicle for 650,000 Naira, securing a profit of 150,000 Naira. Replicate this process across multiple monthly car sales; the cumulative earnings could amount to millions of Naira.

#8. Rental Service

Another profitable business you may start in Nigeria with 300,000 Naira is a rental service where you rent out tents, seats, tables, pots, coolers, and other event-related items to customers.

To thrive, this business demands less physical presence. It also necessitates patience because it is a form of business that pays off in the long run by producing profits over time.

All you need to start this business is a set of canopies, pots, chairs, tables, and other rental items for occasions.

Networking is critical to the success of this business because you will need to work with event planners and create a good business relationship to continuously receive clients.

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#9. Salon Establishment: Unleash Your Hairdressing Talents

Entrepreneurs with a knack for hairdressing or barbering can enter the salon industry. Starting with less than 500,000 Naira, you can establish a salon that caters to hair care and styling needs.

Key Points:

  • Attractive Setup: Invest in comfortable seating, mirrors, and essential equipment for a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Promotional Efforts: Utilize banners, flyers, and social media to attract customers and create brand awareness.
  • Home Services: Extend your services to offer convenience to clients by providing home-based hairdressing.

#10. Betting Shop: Capitalizing on the Sports Betting Craze

The popularity of sports betting, including virtual sports and preach betting, presents a unique business opportunity. By becoming an agent for bookmakers, you can open a betting shop with a medium-sized budget.

Key Points:

  • Location Matters: Choose a suitable location with access to potential customers for your betting shop.
  • Licensing and Regulations: Ensure you comply with legal requirements and regulations for operating a betting shop.
  • Online Presence: Create a website or online platform to engage customers and provide information about your services.

#11. Sales of Building Materials: Catering to Construction Needs

Selling building materials is a profitable venture that requires a budget of 500,000 Naira. With the ongoing construction projects in various areas, there’s a consistent demand for cement, ceilings, roofing materials, and more.

Key Points:

  • Supplier Partnerships: Establish strong relationships with reliable suppliers to ensure a consistent supply of materials.
  • Local Demand: Focus on areas with ongoing construction and building projects for higher demand.
  • Quality Assurance: Provide high-quality building materials to gain customer trust and loyalty.

#12. Sales of Cooking Gas – Fanning the Flames of Success

With the widespread adoption of cooking gas in Nigerian households, a burgeoning demand for this essential commodity has emerged.

Venturing into the realm of cooking gas sales requires minimal capital investment. For 500,000 Naira, you can acquire the requisite equipment, including a gas tank, a scale, hose pipes, and dispensers. These assets position you to kickstart your gas distribution business.

You can tap into a profitable sector by filling your gas tank, creating attractive banners, and commencing operations. The scalability of this venture is promising, particularly when executed diligently.

#13. Sales of Engine Oil – Lubricating Pathways to Profit

The engine oil business stands out as a lucrative venture that can be initiated with a 500,000 Naira capital infusion in Nigeria.

Operating within this domain entails procuring engine oil cartons and drums, subsequently retailing them at wholesale and retail prices. This business can be augmented by incorporating the sale of motorcycle and vehicle spare parts.

The allure of this venture lies in its profitability and compatibility with complementary enterprises.

#14. Block Industry – Constructing Success Brick by Brick

In a real estate-driven landscape, the block moulding business emerges as a cornerstone of construction. As urbanization paves the way for new structures, the demand for quality building blocks propels this venture into the limelight.

Establishing a block industry holds immense promise in a nation marked by rapid residential and commercial construction. By investing 500,000 Naira, you can partake in this venture, which is integral to the construction sector.

Buying pre-made bricks proves more convenient than molding them on-site, driving demand for products from local block industries.

Kickstarting a block industry necessitates familiarity with the trade and some initial experience. Key steps include comprehending the industry dynamics, identifying suitable locations, sourcing materials, and recruiting labor to commence production.

Laying the Blueprint

Embark on a journey to supply the construction industry with essential building blocks. Acquire a profound understanding of block moulding processes and secure a strategic space with a water source and proximity to construction sites.

Equip yourself with moulding machines and usher in an era of economic growth through construction.

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#15. Establishing a Football Viewing Center Business in Nigeria

Are you a fervent sports enthusiast with a burning question in your mind: “What business can I start in Nigeria with a capital of 500K?” The answer lies in capitalizing on your passion for sports and embarking on a profitable journey by opening your very own football viewing center.

In a nation where football holds the hearts of many, creating a football viewing center presents an appealing business prospect.

Nigeria’s passionate embrace of football makes it the most-watched sport in the country. However, most individuals prefer not to experience the excitement within the confines of their homes. Instead, they seek the camaraderie of fellow fans and the vibrant ambiance of a viewing center.

Embarking on this venture necessitates careful planning and execution. To establish a successful football viewing center business, consider the following steps:

1. Choosing the Right Location

The foundation of your business lies in selecting an optimal location. Identify a spacious shop or hall in a bustling commercial area. A prime location ensures visibility and accessibility, attracting a steady stream of potential customers.

2. Creating an Inviting Atmosphere

The ambiance of your viewing center plays a pivotal role in enticing customers. Outfit the space with comfortable benches, ensuring ample seating for patrons. The goal is to provide a welcoming environment that encourages social interaction and a shared passion for football.

3. Investing in Equipment

Equip your viewing center with the essentials for an immersive experience. Invest in widescreen TVs to broadcast matches in high definition. A reliable generator guarantees uninterrupted viewing, even during power outages. Partner with a reputable cable provider, such as DSTV, to ensure access to a variety of matches.

Running a football viewing center merges your passion for sports with the potential for a substantial profit. Your business thrives as fans gather to revel in the excitement of live matches. Consider offering enticing packages, exclusive match screenings, and promotional events to attract patrons.

Launching a Gaming Shop

Beyond the realm of football, another avenue of opportunity beckons: initiating a gaming shop. With a budget of 500K or less, you can embark on this captivating business journey.

A gaming shop serves as a haven for avid gamers seeking a space to indulge in their virtual adventures. Here’s how to set the stage for this venture:

1. Establishing Your Space

Secure a compact shop space to serve as the hub of gaming excitement. The strategic location remains key, with proximity to potential customers contributing to footfall.

2. Curating the Experience

Transform your shop into a gaming paradise by furnishing it with essential equipment. Outfit the space with a generator to ensure uninterrupted power supply, enabling gamers to delve into their virtual worlds without interruption. Invest in a variety of high-definition TVs and gaming consoles, including popular choices like PlayStation (PS) and Xbox.

The allure of a gaming shop extends beyond the gaming experience itself. By offering additional services, you can boost your revenue streams:

1. Phone Charging Services

Incorporate a phone charging service within your gaming center. As gamers engage in riveting battles, their devices can recharge, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay while creating an additional revenue channel for your business.

2. Social Engagement

Transform your gaming shop into a social hub where gamers connect, compete, and forge friendships. Organize gaming tournaments, themed events, and special challenges to foster a vibrant community around your business.


Is 500k Naira enough to start a business in Nigeria?

Yes, with careful planning and smart decisions, you can launch a successful business with this budget.

Which sector is best for beginners with limited funds?

Online retail and e-commerce offer a cost-effective way to enter the market.

Are there any government incentives for startups in Nigeria?

Yes, the Nigerian government offers various incentives and programs to support small businesses.

How can I conduct market research for my chosen business?

You can use a combination of online research, surveys, and networking to gather valuable market insights.

What are the key traits of a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria?

Adaptability, determination, innovation, and a deep understanding of the local market are essential traits for success.

What should be my first step before starting a business with 500k in Nigeria?

Before anything else, conduct thorough market research to identify the demand for your chosen business idea and assess the competition.

Can I start an online store with just 500k?

Absolutely! Platforms like Shopify offer affordable plans, and you can allocate your budget to product sourcing and marketing.

How can I make my catering business stand out?

Focus on delivering exceptional quality and unique menus. Consider catering to specific dietary preferences and offering themed menus for different occasions.

Is snail farming profitable?

Yes, snail farming can be profitable due to low startup costs and a growing demand for snail products.

What skills are essential for becoming a fitness coach?

Certification in fitness training, strong communication skills, and a good understanding of nutrition and exercise principles are essential.

How can I attract clients to my investment consulting business?

Provide free educational content online, attend networking events, and leverage social media platforms to showcase your expertise.


Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey with a budget of 500k is an exciting opportunity. The key lies in choosing a business idea that aligns with your skills, interests, and market demand.

The 15 profitable businesses outlined in this article offer a diverse range of options, ensuring there’s something for every aspiring entrepreneur.

Remember, success requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to adapt to changing market trends.

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