15 Best Apps to Invest Money in Nigeria

Best Apps to Invest Money in Nigeria
Best Apps to Invest Money in Nigeria

When we hear the phrase investment, we immediately think of interest and security, as well as a guaranteed profit. We can invest in a variety of methods, including buying stock, buying and selling assets, non-life insurance packages, and so on.

The rise of financial technology has significantly transformed the way people invest money in Nigeria. With so many apps seen as one of the best apps to invest money in Nigeria at your fingertips, it is no longer difficult to engage in the act of investing.

These smartphone apps can help you save money, buy and sell assets, invest in packages, and perform other financial transactions that can help you achieve financial security. 

More than ever before, Nigerians can take control of their financial futures by making savvy investment decisions from the convenience of their smartphones. 

This article aims to spotlight some of the best apps to invest money in Nigeria. Whether you are a novice investor starting your financial journey or an experienced one seeking to expand your portfolio, these apps are designed to help you grow your wealth securely and systematically.

So read on!

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TransferXO Bill Payment
TransferXO Bill Payment

Top 15 Best Apps to Invest Money in Nigeria

Investing has never been more accessible, especially in the digital age. Mobile applications have now made it easy to invest in various types of assets with just a few taps. Here are the top 15 apps for investing money in Nigeria:

1. TransferXO


TransferXO is a highly trusted cryptocurrency investment app in Nigeria. It is a platform designed to make investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. hassle-free. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for investors of all skill levels. 

One unique feature is its capability to execute direct peer-to-peer transfers, minimizing costs and allowing full control of one’s digital assets.

Also, it is characterized by robust security measures including two-factor authentication and encryption protocols.


  • Allows investments in multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Offers peer-to-peer transfers
  • Secure platform with multiple safety features


  • Limited to only digital currency investment.

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2. CowryWise

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CowryWise is an online wealth management app tailored for Nigerian investors. It enables automatic saving and investment into diverse portfolios such as mutual funds and Nigerian Eurobond. 

Its distinguishing factor is its low-entry investment minimum and automatic investment feature, making investment easier and accessible for everyone. The app offers financial advisory, real-time investment updates, and a simplistic user interface.


  • Easy to use with automatic saving and investing features
  • Allows investment into diversified portfolios
  • Low minimum investment amount


  • Limited to certain investment products
  • Dependent on market performance
  • Internet-dependent as offline operations aren’t possible.

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3. PiggyVest

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PiggyVest is an online saving and investment platform designed to provide Nigerians with an easy way to save money and earn decent returns on investments. 

The app enables you to save, manage, and grow your finances in a secure and user-friendly environment. Its key features include Autosave, Target Savings, Flex Naira, and Investify. Supported investment products include mutual funds, bonds, and agriculture. 

A unique selling point of PiggyVest is its user-friendly interface that promotes financial discipline and saving culture among Nigerians.


  • User-friendly and promotes financial discipline.
  • A wide range of investment products to pick from.
  • Provides a secure and seamless way to save and invest money.


  • Requires consistent internet connectivity to operate.
  • No investment advice is offered on the platform.
  • Limited to Nigerians, hindering international investments.

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4. Rise Vest

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Rise Vest is a wealth management app that helps Nigerians invest money in U.S. dollar-based assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. The platform prides itself on providing opportunities to earn higher returns on investments, even with small capital. 

It offers diversification and global exposure as a key selling point, which distinguishes it from other local apps. Features of Rise Vest include professional asset management, low minimum investment, and auto-investing for convenience.


  • Offers diverse investment opportunities in U.S. dollar-based assets.
  • No need for large capital to start investing.
  • Automated investing feature for hassle-free investment management.


  • Users have reported technical glitches.
  • Can be complex for beginner investors.
  • Currency fluctuation can affect your investment.

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5. Trove

Trove is a unique micro-investment platform that allows users to invest in stocks from a multitude of international markets. Trove allows users to buy shares of companies like Apple, Alibaba, or Google with as little as N1000. 

Moreover, the app has recently added cryptocurrency trading, giving investors an avenue to explore the fast-paced world of digital currencies. 

A distinct feature is the availability of learning materials and resources, making it easy for beginners to get started. Trove has indeed made investing accessible, interesting, and less intimidating for all.


  • Gives exposure to international stock markets.
  • Educational materials for beginner investors.
  • Cryptocurrency trading is available.


  • The minimum initial deposit is N1000, which might be high for some.
  • Exchange rate fluctuations may impact returns.
  • Platform’s functionality can be challenging for less tech-savvy users.

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6. Carbon

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Carbon, formerly PayLater, is an all-in-one financial platform providing not just investments, but loans and payments as well. Their investment feature, PayVest, allows users to invest their funds and enjoy interest rates of up to 16%. They also offer fixed deposits and mutual funds. 

Carbon stands out due to its impressive user-friendly interface, and 24/7 availability – you can access their services at any time, unlike traditional banks. This holistic financial platform is rapidly expanding and changing how banking and investments are done in Nigeria.


  • Multiple financial services, including loans and payments.
  • Competitive interest rates on investments.
  • 24/7 availability.


  • Lack of investment diversification options.
  • Customer service can sometimes be slow.
  • Fees are not explicitly stated on investments.

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7. PayDay Investor

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PayDay Investor is an application that seeks to make investments available to all. It was created by ARM Investment Managers, one of Nigeria’s most respected asset management firms. 

The app features an intuitive interface allowing users to automate savings easily and choose where they wish to invest, whether in money market funds or mutual funds. 

One unique feature of PayDay Investor is that it doesn’t have a minimum investment amount, enabling anyone to start investing regardless of their budget.


  • It’s user-friendly with a clear interface.
  • Allows automated investments and withdrawals.
  • There’s no minimum investment amount.


  • Limited options for investment products.
  • Sometimes customer service responses are slow.
  • Only available in English.

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8. Chaka

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Chaka is an investment app that not only allows Nigerians to invest in the Nigerian Stock Exchange but also grants access to U.S. Stock Exchanges. It’s designed to serve both new and experienced investors. 

With over 3,000 local and foreign stocks, Chaka users have a wide array of investment options. A standout feature is its live chat support and easy-to-understand stock market reports, enabling informed investment decisions.


  • It offers access to international markets.
  • Has extensive local and foreign stock options.
  • Offers live chat support for investors.


  • Requires some basic knowledge of stocks to navigate.
  • Fees for international stock trading might be higher than local ones.
  • Potential risk exposure due to fluctuating foreign exchange rates.

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9. I-Invest

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I-Invest is a mobile application specifically designed for retail investors. The platform offers secure, fast, and convenient access to a variety of treasury bills and Eurobonds. 

Notably, the application eliminates the traditional barriers to investing by making it easy to access a variety of investment products. 

A unique selling point is its integration with leading banks which allows for direct, easy, and secure transfers. Users also enjoy features such as automatic investment renewals and detailed investment summaries.


  • Provides an array of investment options
  • Highly secure with bank integration
  • Allows for automatic investment renewals


  • The user interface could be more user-friendly
  • Customer support can be slow to respond
  • It lacks diversification with more focus on treasury bills

10. Bamboo

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Bamboo is an investment application that provides access to both local and foreign stocks. This feature helps customers diversify their financial portfolios. 

Notably, InvestBamboo allows for fractional buying, meaning you can purchase a portion of a high-value stock, thus, lowering the entry barrier for investment. 

The app is known for its user-friendly interface and includes features such as real-time price tracking, customizable watch lists, and security alerts. A unique selling point is that InvestBamboo doesn’t charge a brokerage fee.


  • Access to both local and international stocks
  • Allows for fractional buying of stocks
  • No brokerage fee


  • Only offers stock investments, limiting diversification options
  • Delayed response time from customer service
  • Real-time price tracking can be prone to slight lags.

11. Kudi

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Kudi is a fantastic mobile app in Nigeria that allows individuals to make investments in diverse areas like stocks, mutual funds, and treasury bills. Kudi’s unique feature is that it offers zero transaction fees, which enables its users to save more money from their investments. 

Its advanced tools offer simplified management of funds with high-level security for its users. In addition, Kudi allows users to purchase airtime and pay bills without stress.


  • Kudi offers a simplified user interface that is easy to use.
  • There are no transaction fees which save investors’ money.
  • Offers high-level security and provides versatile investment opportunities.


  • Customer service can be slow at times.
  • Occasional glitches and operational delays may occur.
  • The interest rate on investments can be lower than other investment apps.

12. Aella Credit

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Aella Credit is another renowned mobile app in Nigeria designed for seamless and hassle-free investments. Its prominent feature is its quick and reliable loan offerings with competitive interest rates. 

Moreover, the Aella Credit app allows users to invest in health insurance and fixed deposit schemes. Aella Credit is equipped with robust technology that allows automatic deductions of investment repayments, providing an effortless and efficient investing experience.


  • Fast loan disbursement within minutes of application.
  • Allows investments in fixed deposit schemes and health insurance.
  • Auto-deduction feature for investment repayments provides an efficient investing experience.


  • The high interest rates on loans can be discouraging.
  • A limited range of investment products compared to other apps.
  • It might take time to process large transactions due to verification processes

13. ReQuid

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ReQuid is a platform that allows investors to tap into numerous lucrative ventures across multiple sectors, including real estate, agribusiness, and financial market instruments. It enables users to spread their investment and manage risks better. 

Through ReQuid, investors can access thorough due diligence and in-depth investment analysis, ensuring informed decisions. Additionally, this app offers fractional investment, making premium investments more affordable.


  • Offers diverse investment opportunities.
  • Provides thorough investment analysis.
  • Fractional investments make it affordable.


  • Relatively new and thus, might be considered risky by some investors.
  • The spread of investment options could overwhelm beginners.
  • Withdrawal of investment is subject to terms and conditions.

14. FarmCrowdy

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FarmCrowdy, Nigeria’s first digital agricultural platform, allows individuals to invest in agriculture by sponsoring a farming project for a return. Investors can choose different farming projects, ranging from crop farming to poultry, to invest in. 

FarmCrowdy also serves as a tool to boost food production and encourage a younger generation to pursue farming. Besides offering financial benefits, the platform also presents a unique selling point of contributing to societal improvement and empowerment.


  • Enables investment in a sector with vast potential and significance.
  • Presents an opportunity for socio-economic contribution.
  • No charges on the profit earned by investors.


  • Investments are subject to agricultural risks, including pests, diseases, and adverse weather.
  • Payout timelines may be affected by unavoidable delays in farming cycles.
  • Minimum investment requirements could be high for some potential investors.

15. Thrivesend

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Thrivesend is a platform designed to ease the stress associated with bank transactions. While not strictly an investment app, Thrivesend supports quick and seamless transfer of funds between different bank accounts. 

This unique selling point means that individuals can transfer their money quickly and efficiently into any investment vehicle of their choice. Also, Thrivesend guarantees safe transactions due to the two-step verification feature incorporated in the app.


  • Allows seamless money transfers between different banks.
  • Supports two-step verification to ensure safe transactions.
  • The app has a user-friendly interface and it is easy to navigate.


  • Not strictly an investment app as it only supports fund transfers.
  • May have additional charges for fund transfers.
  • Sometimes transactions may be delayed due to network issues.

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Why Choose Investment Apps in Nigeria?

Investment apps have become increasingly popular in Nigeria due to their convenience and accessibility. They offer an easy entry point into the world of investing, allowing both beginners and experienced investors to diversify their portfolios from their smartphones. 

With investment apps, users can buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other assets with ease and transparency, and monitor their investments in real-time. These apps often have low minimum investment amounts, making investing affordable to a wider audience. 

Additionally, they offer educational resources to help users understand different investment options and strategies. Investment apps also allow for easy fund transfers and prompt customer service. For these reasons, choosing investment apps in Nigeria can be a smart move towards securing one’s financial future.

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What Makes a Good Investment App?

In an era where financial management has moved from the traditional piggy banks and office desk ledger books to the mere touch of your smartphone screen, the efficacy of investment apps cannot be underestimated. 

However, amid hundreds of investment apps, how can you identify a good one? Here are the key characteristics that make a good investment app.

1. User Friendly

A good investment app must have a friendly and easy-to-use interface. This doesn’t just help to engage more users, but it ensures they stay for the long term. Users should be able to understand the process, follow prompts easily, and use the app effortlessly. A confusing app tends to push potential users away.

2. Education Resources

An exceptional investment app educates its users. This is especially crucial for beginners who are taking their first steps into the investment world. Apps should have materials on basic finance, types of investments, how to analyze risks, market trends, and other investment concepts.

3. Personalized Portfolio

An ideal investment app provides users the flexibility to customize their investment portfolio based on their personal preferences, goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation. A good app will give users an array of options to suit different investment styles and strategies.

4. Low Fees

A worthwhile investment app offers competitive rates and charges minimal fees for transactions. Unnecessary and excessive charges could diminish potential returns on investment. A transparent pricing policy is a sign of a reputable app.

5. Safe and Secure

Any investment app should prioritize user’s financial and personal information security. Apps must adhere to strict security protocols and have encrypted systems that guard against any possible breaches.

6. Reliable Customer Support

Exceptional customer support service is a characteristic of a good investment app. When users encounter issues, need clarifications, or require assistance, prompt, helpful, and efficient customer service can ensure they have a good experience.

7. Real-time Updates

Investment involves being current and updated with the market trends and data. Thus, a good app should offer real-time market data and updates. Users should also receive instant alerts about any significant changes or moves in the markets.

8. Reputation

Lastly, a good investment app should have a solid reputation. This includes positive user reviews, professional endorsements, and recognition in the industry.

A good investment app doesn’t merely enable you to trade and invest but provides you with a holistic investment experience that supports you at every step. 

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Investment App in Nigeria

When it comes to choosing the right investment app in Nigeria, there are several key factors to take into account. This decision should be based on your investment goals, risk tolerance, knowledge level, and many other elements.

This blog post will outline five of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing the best investment app for your needs in Nigeria.

1. Regulation and Security

The first and most critical aspect to look into when choosing an investment app is whether the company is regulated and the level of security provided.

Your chosen app should be regulated by the appropriate authorities such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). 

It should also offer robust security features to safeguard your account details and transactions. Always verify the credibility of the app through reviews and testimonials.

Ensure it has high-end encryption and complies with data protection regulations to guarantee the security of your funds and personal data.

2. Investment Options

Different investment apps provide varying investment options. Some allow you to invest in stocks and shares, others focus on fixed-income securities like bonds, while others provide options to invest in mutual funds or forex trading. 

Identify what type of investment you are interested in and choose an app that caters to that need. For a diversified investment portfolio, opt for an app that provides a variety of investment products.

3. User-Friendliness and Support

Another key factor to consider when choosing an investment app is its user interface and customer support. An app that is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate can make your investment journey much more enjoyable and successful. Equally important is reliable customer service. 

A good investment app should offer customer service support that is readily available to assist you and answer your questions. Read reviews to understand other users’ experiences with the app’s customer support.

4. Fees and Commissions

Understand the fee structure before you invest using any app. While some apps offer commission-free trades, others may charge transaction fees, account maintenance fees, or withdrawal fees. 

Therefore, it’s important to take note of all the fees and ensure they align with your investment goals and budget. Hidden fees can eat into your returns, so always choose an app with a transparent fee structure.

5. Education and Learning Resources

For beginners in the investment world, it’s crucial to choose an app that offers comprehensive educational resources. The right app should equip you with essential knowledge about different types of investments, how they work, potential risks, and how to make strategic decisions. 

Check whether the app provides webinars, articles, guides, video tutorials, and any other resource that will aid your learning process.

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How Do Investment Apps Address Risk Management?

Investment apps, whether designed for beginners or experienced traders, employ several strategies to help manage the potential risks associated with investing.

These risk management strategies not only safeguard an investor’s capital but also educate users on how to mitigate their potential losses.

Here’s how investment apps handle risk management:

1. Investment Diversification

A significant number of investment apps offer a feature to help diversify investments across various financial instruments. This practice spreads the risk across several investments instead of a single one. Thus, the investor stands a lesser chance of losing their entire investment.

2. Financial Education

Many investment apps have an educational component. They offer resources like tutorials, webinars, articles, and quizzes that help educate the user about various investment strategies and risks involved. By gaining this knowledge, users can make more informed investment decisions.

3. Robo-advisors

Several apps employ robo-advisors, a form of AI that automates the investing process based on specific parameters set by the user. These algorithms often take into account an individual’s risk tolerance to make investment recommendations, thereby mitigating potential losses.

4. Stop-Loss Orders

Investment apps usually provide options to set stop-loss orders, which automatically sell an investment once it reaches a certain price point. This feature prevents an investor from sustaining significant losses.

5. Regular Performance Updates

Regular updates about investment performance enable users to stay updated about their portfolios. By monitoring their investments closely, they can decide when to buy more, sell, or hold.

6. Risk Assessment

Some investment apps require users to complete a risk assessment questionnaire. Based on the responses, these apps then suggest a suitable investment strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are investment apps safe to use?

These investment apps have SSL security and encryption to protect user data. They are generally considered safe, however, it’s important to always conduct personal research before using them.

Can I invest in global companies through Bamboo?

Yes, Bamboo allows you to invest in over 3,000 stocks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange and U.S. stock exchanges, including companies like Amazon, Google, and Alibaba.

Can I earn interest on my investment with these apps?

Yes, most of these apps offer competitive interest rates on your investments.

Do I need to know about investment before using these apps?

Some of these apps require a basic understanding of how investing works, however, apps like Cowrywise, PiggyVest, and Rise Vest are beginner-friendly and provide educational content to guide users.


With the steady increase in technology advancements, managing investments and money has been made simpler and more accessible for all. This compilation of the top 15 best apps to invest money in Nigeria serves as a handy guide to assist you in making smart investment choices. 

From cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, and stocks to agriculture, these apps cover diverse investment platforms with numerous options that suit every budget and risk level. 

These innovative tools can simplify the investment process and offer higher control and insight over personal finances, helping to ensure your investments grow and yield substantial profits over time. 

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