Top 10+ Cyber Security Companies in Nigeria (Updated 2024)

Top Cyber Security companies in Nigeria
Top Cyber Security companies in Nigeria

With the increasing number of cyber threats and attacks targeting businesses and individuals, it is imperative to have reliable cyber security companies that can safeguard our digital assets and protect us from potential risks.

In Nigeria, a country with a rapidly growing digital landscape, several cybersecurity companies have emerged to meet the rising demand for comprehensive security solutions.

These companies employ cutting-edge technologies, highly skilled professionals, and innovative strategies to combat cyber threats and ensure the safety of their clients’ sensitive information.

Individuals and businesses in Nigeria today place a high value on cybersecurity. Because of the surge in cyber threats, businesses, organizations, and individuals are looking for reliable cybersecurity solutions to protect their data and networks. 

As a result of the demand for cybersecurity services, many cybersecurity companies have formed in Nigeria. We will explore the top cybersecurity companies in Nigeria and what these companies have to offer in terms of training, security solutions, and recovery. 

This article aims to shed light on the industry as it stands in 2024, providing insight into some of the key companies spearheading cybersecurity advancements in Nigeria.

Join us as we delve into this intriguing, vital facet of the nation’s ever-evolving tech ecosystem.

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Table of Contents

Quick Summary

  • The cybersecurity landscape in Nigeria is rapidly evolving, becoming increasingly complex and challenging. As digital transformation advances in Nigeria, so does the frequency, intensity, and sophistication of cyber threats. 
  • With this surge in digital adoption comes an equally pressing need to ensure the security and privacy of data. As a result, cybersecurity companies have an important role to play in Nigeria’s digital transformation.

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List of the Top 10+ Cyber Security Companies in Nige

Top 10+ Cyber Security Companies In Nigeria (Updated 2024)

In recent years, cyber security has become increasingly important. From financial data to personal information, businesses and individuals want to know their data is secure and out of reach of potential hackers. 

Nigeria, in particular, has seen a rise in cyber security firms to help meet these needs. Here is a list of top cyber security companies operating in Nigeria.

1. UNICCON Group  

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UNICCON Group is one of Nigeria’s premier cybersecurity companies with expertise in cybersecurity consulting, threat intelligence, and advanced defense solutions. The firm’s strength lies in its proactive and comprehensive approach to security, aimed at creating a robust shield against various cyber threats. 

The firm’s range of services includes Cybersecurity consulting, GDPR Compliance, and security auditing, among others. UNICCON Group has gained considerable recognition for its professional engagements with several prominent businesses and public organizations in Nigeria. 

The unique attribute of the company is its implementation of emerging technologies like AI and machine learning in cyber threat identification and defense strategies.

2. Infoprive Service Limited

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Infoprive Service Limited is a distinguished Nigerian cybersecurity firm with expertise in Information Security Management, Cloud Security, Cyber Risk, and Compliance services. What sets them apart is their approach towards cyber threats – instead of being reactive, they take a proactive, predictive stance to provide effective and resilient security measures for their clients. 

The firm’s suite of services includes Cyber Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, Cyber Risk, and Compliance to name a few. Inforprive’s primary achievements are marked by successful collaborations with high-profile clientele from the finance, telecommunication, and retail sectors. 

Infoprive leverages technology along with best practices, employing methodologies such as threat hunting and intelligence-led testing to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

3. Digital Encode Limited

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Digital Encode Limited is a Nigerian cybersecurity company renowned for its unique consulting-oriented approach. The firm focuses on robust protection of organizational assets through designing, implementing, and managing top-tier cybersecurity and compliance services. 

Known for its deep technical skills and industry-wide experience, Digital Encode uses proven methodologies and automation techniques. It provides risk management, vulnerability assessment, incident response, and digital forensics. 

Its main strengths lie in cyber consulting and cloud security. A notable achievement is winning the Best Cybersecurity Company in West Africa at the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

4. Control Case

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Control Case is a global leader in IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services based in Nigeria. With a strong focus on cybersecurity, Control Case provides businesses with high-end solutions for effective data protection, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing cybersecurity risks. 

Services include PCI Compliance, ISO 27001 Certification, vulnerability scanning, and security awareness training. With their ControlCase Data Discovery (CDD) platform, clients receive comprehensive, efficient, and scalable security management. 

Control Case has been acknowledged for helping firms attain high-security standards by providing them with secure environments. Its most unique attribute is its innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which is aimed at facilitating companies’ compliance management efforts.

5. Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN)

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Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN) is a not-for-profit organization committed to creating awareness in the realm of cybersecurity in Nigeria. Boasting a rich assembly of experts, it is dedicated to advocating cybersecurity knowledge and protection through research, education, and professional ethics. 

The group’s strength lies in its massive assembly of industry professionals sharing their expertise with various public and private sector organizations. Its efforts to enhance the cybersecurity policy landscape in Nigeria by fostering active partnerships have led to numerous successful engagements and government collaborations.

6. Cyberfleet Integrated Limited

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Cyberfleet Integrated Limited is a comprehensive cybersecurity provider offering extensive protection for IT infrastructures. The company offers robust security solutions such as firewall and intrusion prevention systems, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and user awareness training. 

Its notable achievement is the deployment of ThreatAdvice vCISO, a pioneering cybersecurity education platform, thus revolutionizing the local cybersecurity industry. Cyberfleet emphasizes a proactive approach, concentrating on detection, prevention, and response to secure its clients’ data from all cyber threats, demonstrating unique technological acuity.

7. Layer3 Limited

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Layer3 Limited, a leading cybersecurity firm in Nigeria, delivers robust solutions that focus on detecting and preventing cyber threats. Known for their ability to incorporate global standards into local contexts, their approach is innovative and forward-thinking. 

The company’s strengths lie in Network Security, Managed Security Services, and Cyber Risk Management. It uses cutting-edge technology such as its ‘Proactive Network Defense System’ that reduces network vulnerability to a minimum. 

Layer3 Limited has achieved several feats, including being recognized as the Best Networking & Security Company at the Nigerian Technology Awards. By creating a safer cyber environment, Layer3 Limited supports organizations to focus on core operations without the worry of cyber-attacks.

8. Soft Alliance

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Soft Alliance is an acclaimed cybersecurity company based in Nigeria that has a strong reputation for designing and deploying secure systems that guard against potential cyber threats. It prides itself on delivering a comprehensive range of services such as security testing, consulting, and secure coding, to clients across multiple sectors. 

Its key strength lies in using emerging technologies to ensure businesses remain compliant and secure against cyber threats. The company is also known for developing sophisticated solutions that meet international standards. 

It has successfully implemented end-to-end security for some of the biggest banks in Nigeria, which remains one of their notable achievements. Soft Alliance’s expertise has earned it recognition as one of the premier providers of cybersecurity in Nigeria.

9. Signal Alliance

Signal Alliance is a Nigerian cybersecurity company offering technology solutions for the growing threats in today’s digital world. Their strengths lie in the delivery of bespoke cybersecurity services to combat the risks of cyber threats. 

These include data protection, network security, compliance management, risk management, and incident response services. Their cybersecurity approach combines technological tools, best practices, and professional experts. 

An achievement that sets Signal Alliance apart is its collaboration with global tech companies like Cisco, Microsoft, and HPE. Their unique features include proprietary cybersecurity platforms that deliver solutions according to individual customers’ specifications, promoting a robust, resilient cyber-environment.

10. Omatek Ventures Plc

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Omatek Ventures Plc is a premier cybersecurity company in Nigeria renowned for delivering end-to-end security solutions. Omatek has excelled in providing data protection, identity & access management, network security, and incident response services. 

It has solid expertise in creating cybersecurity solutions that protect clients’ digital assets from threats while ensuring the smooth operation of business processes. A notable achievement is Omatek’s expansion to other African countries and its reputable clientele base that cuts across public and private sectors. 

Omatek has distinguished itself by leveraging advanced cybersecurity technologies, best practices, and a team of certified professionals to proffer solutions tailored to specific industry needs, therefore ensuring clients’ information systems are safeguarded against any potential cyber threats.

11. CyberSOC

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CyberSOC is one of Nigeria’s leading cybersecurity companies specializing in providing state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions and services. Their strengths lie in the proficient workforce, tailored strategies, and integrated solutions to handle threats of all complexities. 

Key services offered include data protection, threat intelligence, risk assessment, incident response, and security testing. With their commitment to reducing security risk, they have managed to protect numerous businesses from significant cyber threats, making them a reliable name in the sector. 

CyberSOC’s unique approach towards cybersecurity incorporates proactive measures using predictive analytics, ensuring robust protection. Their incorporation of AI and machine learning in their security frameworks also significantly elevates their ability to anticipate and neutralize cyber threats.

12. Boven CyberSec

Nigeria’s cybersecurity landscape has Boven CyberSec as one of its pioneers, recognized for delivering high-grade cyber risk management solutions. 

Their strength lies in their focus on addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities with proactive strategies and sophisticated technologies. Services provided include penetration testing, cloud security, compliance assistance, vulnerability assessment, and training services. 

Boven CyberSec’s dedication to tackling complex cyber issues has earned them various commendations and awards. The company’s approach to cybersecurity entails integrating traditional cybersecurity principles with the latest technologies to combat advanced threats.

Uniquely, they leverage automated systems and artificial intelligence in their solutions, enhancing the security structure’s adaptability and efficiency. Boven CyberSec’s dedicated emphasis on security awareness and capacity building further enhances its commitment to providing robust cybersecurity solutions.

13. Cyber Code Technologies

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Cyber Code Technologies, based in Nigeria, specializes in the delivery of top-tier cyber security services. Recognized for its expertise in addressing digital vulnerabilities, this firm employs state-of-the-art technology to secure its clients’ digital landscape. 

Their core services encompass a wide range, including cyber threat analysis, incident response, network and web application security, vulnerability assessment, and more. 

They notably leverage emerging technologies like AI and Machine Learning for effective detection of advanced cyber threats. Their approach focuses on identifying weaknesses in systems, protecting against possible breaches, detecting intrusions, responding rapidly, and recovering vital information swiftly. 

Cyber Code’s notable achievements include successful engagements with multiple high-profile companies, offering scalable, customizable solutions to keep clients’ sensitive information safe.

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Overview of the Cybersecurity Landscape in Nigeria

The cybersecurity landscape in Nigeria is rapidly evolving, becoming increasingly complex and challenging. As digital transformation advances in Nigeria, so does the frequency, intensity, and sophistication of cyber threats. 

In recent years, cyberattacks and data breaches have escalated significantly. A surge in financial fraud, business email compromise, phishing scams, and ransomware attacks reflects the dark underbelly of digital evolution.

Nigeria’s internet-dependent businesses, banks, government agencies, and individuals are being targeted indiscriminately. Personal, financial, and sensitive data are stolen and exploited, posing significant security and financial risks. For businesses, these cyber-attacks can cause catastrophic reputational and monetary damage.

Recognizing the growing digital dangers, Nigeria needs robust cybersecurity measures more than ever before. Strong cybersecurity policies, implementation of advanced technology tools, skilled manpower, public awareness campaigns, and collaboration with international cybersecurity agencies can effectively counter these threats. 

It’s a strategic necessity for Nigeria to strengthen its cybersecurity infrastructure to secure its digital frontier, protect national interests, and ensure safe and reliable digital operations.

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How Cyber Security Companies Contribute to Nigeria’s Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has significantly shaped the way businesses and governments operate. In Nigeria, there is an increased reliance on technology, especially in the fields of banking, telecommunication, retail, and government. 

With this surge in digital adoption comes an equally pressing need to ensure the security and privacy of data. As a result, cybersecurity companies have an important role to play in Nigeria’s digital transformation.

1. Enhancing Trust in Digital Technologies

The rapid digital transformation in Nigeria has resulted in a greater use of online services. However, it has also led to an increased risk of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity companies are vital in instilling trust in these technologies.

They provide robust security solutions to protect against cyber threats, thus encouraging more people and businesses to confidently adopt digital services.

2. Enabling Safe Digital Banking

The banking sector is at the forefront of Nigeria’s digital transformation. Through secure online transactions, the process of banking has been made faster and easier. Cybersecurity companies help to protect customers’ data from cyber threats and fraud, enabling safe digital banking.

3. Securing E-Government Services

The Nigerian government has embarked on various e-government initiatives to improve the delivery of public services. This requires a high level of security to protect citizens’ data and government information.

Cybersecurity companies ensure the safe operation of these platforms by implementing various measures to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats.

4. Empowering Digital Businesses

For Nigerian businesses venturing into e-commerce or relying heavily on digital technologies, cybersecurity companies assure them that their data and operations are secure.

They help to protect sensitive data and maintain systems integrity, crucial in upholding business reputations and fostering growth.

5. Enhancing Cyber Awareness

One key way cybersecurity companies contribute to Nigeria’s digital transformation is through education. By enhancing cyber awareness among individuals and businesses, they not only protect against potential cyberattacks but also promote the understanding and adoption of new technologies.

6. Strengthening National Security

Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of national security in this digital age. Nigerian cybersecurity companies are contributing to national security by protecting the country’s digital infrastructure, thus reducing vulnerabilities to external threats.

As the digital transformation in Nigeria continues to grow, the role of cybersecurity companies becomes even more vital. Their contributions in protecting against cyber threats and fostering trust in digital technologies significantly shape Nigeria’s journey towards a fully digital economy. 

By equipping businesses, governments, and individuals with the tools to protect themselves in the digital space, cybersecurity companies are facilitating Nigeria’s transition into a new digital era.

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How Businesses and Individuals Benefit from the Services Offered by These Companies

As the digital age evolves, cyber threats have increasingly become a grave concern for businesses and individuals. To curb these challenges, numerous cyber security companies have emerged in Nigeria, providing much-needed protection against digital threats. 

The benefits of the services offered by these companies are countless.

1. Protection Against Cyber Threats

One of the primary advantages of employing the services of cyber security companies is the assurance of protection against cyber threats. These firms help businesses and individuals protect their digital assets, such as websites, servers, databases, etc. They prevent cyber-attacks such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and identity theft, among others.

2. Safe Online Transactions

In an era where online transactions are a part of our daily lives, ensuring secure and smooth transactions is crucial. Cyber security firms implement measures like encryption, tokenization, and fraud detection to protect against the breach of financial data. They assure clients that their sensitive information remains confidential, giving them the confidence to transact online.

3. Guarding Reputation

In a world where information is so accessible, maintaining a solid reputation is paramount. Businesses especially can face severe backlash from security breaches, often resulting in financial loss and customer mistrust. By partnering with a reputable cyber security company, organizations can rest easy, knowing their reputation is secure.

4. Business Continuity

Cyber attacks often disrupt business operations. This is not just an inconvenience; it can have a devastating impact on a company’s finances and customer relationships. Cyber security companies in Nigeria ensure business continuity by averting such threats, thereby helping businesses stay operational and reliable.

5. Enhanced Data Protection

Data is an invaluable asset in today’s digital world. A breach of sensitive personal or company data can have severe repercussions. Cybersecurity firms utilize robust strategies and advanced technology to protect data and guard against potential data breaches.

6. Boosting Consumer Confidence

Businesses dealing with customers’ sensitive data need to guarantee their security to retain their customers’ trust. By leveraging cyber security companies’ services, businesses can ensure data protection, enhancing their consumers’ confidence in them.

7. Reducing Costs

While there’s an initial investment in engaging the services of a cyber security company, it often results in considerable cost savings in the long run. These firms help prevent costly security breaches and mitigate the potentially ruinous financial consequences of an attack.

8. Professional Advice and Updates

With a reliable cyber security company, businesses and individuals can stay abreast of the latest security threats and how to counter them. These experts also offer useful tips on safe digital practices and guides on the secure use of digital technologies.

Overall, given the frequency and potential severity of cyber-attacks, employing the services of a cyber security company in Nigeria can provide crucial benefits. They provide an extra layer of defense that helps individuals and businesses maintain the integrity of their digital assets, enabling them to conduct their online activities securely and confidently.

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Challenges in the Nigerian Cybersecurity Landscape 

In Nigeria, cybersecurity has become crucial due to the surge in internet usage, digital financial transactions, and the growing online presence of organizations. 

The threat landscape in Nigeria has intensified over the years due to a combination of several factors, such as insufficient technical capacity, policy gaps, and inadequate infrastructure, making cybersecurity one of the country’s topmost concerns.

In light of this, it is paramount to discuss some challenges faced by cybersecurity companies in Nigeria, along with solutions implemented by top cybersecurity firms in the country.

1. Inadequate Infrastructure

Cybersecurity is hinged on adequate and advanced technology. However, Nigerian cybersecurity firms are grappling with substandard technology. 

Companies with cutting-edge technology often come out top as they’re better positioned to handle sophisticated threats. Cybersecurity firms invest heavily in the latest security software and devices.

2. Limited Knowledge and Awareness

A lack of comprehensive awareness about the importance and practices of cybersecurity is a considerable problem in Nigeria. 

It limits the consumer’s trust in the digital market, which ultimately affects the growth and success of cybersecurity companies. Top firms are engaging in constant public enlightenment to raise awareness of cyber threats and preventive measures.

3. Legal and Regulatory Challenges

Nigeria has yet to develop a solid legal framework for dealing with cybercrime, making it difficult for cybersecurity companies to function effectively. 

Companies have a challenging time ensuring compliance, defining standards, and measuring accountability. Some firms actively work with government agencies to develop and refine necessary legal frameworks to combat cybercrime effectively.

4. Insufficient Technical Skill Sets

The evolving nature of cyber threats requires constantly updated skills and expertise. Many cybersecurity firms in Nigeria are limited by the lack of specialized experts in this field. 

Investing in skill development through regular training and talent acquisition programs. Some top firms are collaborating with universities and research institutions to develop relevant cybersecurity courses and internships.

5. Difficulty in Tracking Cybercriminals

Due to the pseudo-anonymous nature of cyber-attacks, tracking and identifying the culprits can be highly challenging for cybersecurity companies. Many top companies are increasingly using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to improve their detection and tracking mechanisms.

The growing awareness about the importance of cybersecurity is providing an avenue for firms in Nigeria to establish their place in the digital space. Despite these challenges, several cybersecurity companies in Nigeria are thriving and developing innovative strategies to strengthen Nigeria’s cybersecurity landscape. 

While the hurdles are daunting, the strides made so far give cause for optimism and reaffirm that, with the right investment, partnership, and policies, cybersecurity in Nigeria can reach globally competitive standards.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are these companies limited to serving only businesses in Nigeria?

No, many of these companies provide services to businesses all over the world.

Do these companies provide training in cyber security?

Yes, companies like Cybertronics Solutions, ITandT Solutions, and Wragby Solutions also provide cybersecurity training and awareness programs.

Is the field of cyber security growing in Nigeria?

Yes, the cyber security industry is growing in Nigeria due to an increase in the prevalence of cyber threats and the increased digitization of businesses. This has led to more companies offering and investing in cybersecurity solutions.


The digital landscape in Nigeria continues to grow, increasing the need for robust cybersecurity solutions. The companies featured in this list are spearheading the efforts to enhance cyber safety in Nigeria. 

They are not only safeguarding sensitive information from potential threats but also helping businesses mitigate cyber risks, comply with regulations, and foster trust with their clients. 

Looking forward, it’s evident that the role of cybersecurity companies will only become more crucial as technology continues to advance and cyber threats become more sophisticated.

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